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Our mission is to provide the highest quality products with the latest designs and manufacturing technology. We seek to develop new products continuously and ensure that our technology is advanced and meets the requirements of all our customers’ quality standards. Our led lights save energy, reduce waste and reduce the costs. We don’t just sell lights, our products improve the world around us and our customers’ lives.

LED high bay light, also called led industrial lights, for industrial workshops, stadiums, docks, golf courses, construction lighting, squares and all other outdoor spaces. Learn more →

Most street lights are LED lights, and ours offer enviromental protection and energy savings. Learn more →

Forming The Future | Our Mission Is To Provide The Highest Quality Products.

Highlighted Products

All our products and service are born to meet people’s constant pursuit for better and more comfortable illuminated lighting environment – Lite4u Lighting.


Led High Bay Light

Sunrise Series

Led High Bay Light

Linear High Bay

Led High Bay Light

H High Bay

Led Outdoor Series

Shoe Box 2

Why Choose XSY Lighting

We provide a wide range of LED light fixtures including LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED high bay lights, LED tubes, LED solar lights and cases.  Our products have been highly approved by customers from Europe, North America and Australia for their excellent quality, good service and endless innovation.

Your Lighting Specialist

Our products all the way from design to manufacturing to shipping follow strict quality control to ensure the products reaching our customers are the best quality.

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